In order to send emails from DANAConnect on behalf of your company domain name, usually is required a configuration (Security Policy Framework) to authorize DANAConnect's servers.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by detecting email spoofing, a common vulnerability, by verifying sender IP addresses. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record (or TXT record) in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail exchangers use the DNS to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain's administrators
Your emails sent from DANAConnect may be marked as SPAM by your customer’s email servers, but this can be solved by creating an SPF record in your DNS Server.

In simple terms by creating an SPF record you are authorizing DANAConnect to send emails (notification emails) with an email address.

Look for a TXT or SPF record entry. If you already have a record that has "v=spf1" specification in itself 


Edit your ZONE File and look for TXT or SPF record and Edit it. 


You should include the value " before the "~all" similar to the following record:

v=spf1 ~all

If you do not have a TXT record with SPF entry in it, you should create a new one with the following specifications:

Domain should be your "domain name"

TTL can be set to "300"

TXT record is: v=spf1 ~all

To learn more about SPF records here:

After a few minutes (usually 5 to 10 minutes) you can verify if the setting is effective by checking in one of these sites: