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Getting Started with DANAConnect Video Tutorial:

If you prefer a video tutorial you can watch a series of short videos that will explain you in 10 minutes the most basic configurations:

Getting Started with DANAConnect in 4 Steps:

1. Configure the SPF
2.Create a Contact List
3.Add a sender
4. Start sending messages
Before sending emails from DANAConnect, SPF configuration is required to authorize DANAConnect's servers to send emails on behalf of your company's domain name. This is not needed to start sending SMS.
To start sending emails and/or SMS from your conversations, first you have to have a contact list with at least the email and/or phone numbers of the people you want to contact.
To start sending emails, you have to have a senders list with the email address authorized to send emails on behalf of your company. This is not needed to start sending SMS.
You can start by sending emails or SMS:

Main Modules of the platform

Conversation Manager
Contact Manager
Inbound Manager
Document Manager
A set of interfaces for creating iterative logic flows that run automatically sends communications and triggers processes by SMS, email, automated calls, WhatsApp, chatbot, push, and webservices.
A database manager designed explicitly for contact lists that allows you to manage, import, export and easily segment your customer list, and it’s easy to use for any kind of user.
A visual tool with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create input methods so that your clients can send you information: forms, Facebook leads, landing pages, SMS keywords, and much more.
A manager and repository for documents that centralizes the delivery of digital files in a highly secure way through channels such as email, SMS, chatbot, mobile applications, and web portals.

Security and Compliance Modules

DMARC Dashboard
Audit Manager
Deliverability Dashboard
Security Dashboard
Account Security
Presents DMARC daily reports in a visual interface that interprets the data and allows monitoring which servers are sending communications on behalf of your domain.
How to generate detailed reports for each communication and each transmission in native format that are legally admissible and could be used as evidence in audits and litigation.
Monitors and presents a summary of internal and external elements that may affect the delivery of messages.
Presents summaries for the latest activities, historical user access, IP addresses, authorized senders, delivery schedules, safety rules and more.
Allows to create permission and restricts access to DANAConnect accounts implementing senders license according to the type of user, schedules, IPs, communication channel and application