Contact Manager – Customer list management

Create a contact list

Easy or advanced import and export

It allows you to import and export contact lists in different ways while maintaining their structure and integrity.
Easy contact import:
  • Import from a file in .csv format
  • Export to Excel or .csv
  • Copy and paste up to 10,000 rows from Excel
Advanced Contact import:
  • API for Contacts bulk upload

User Restrictions

Workgroups allow you to control the permission of access, visualization, and edition of the users of an account to the information of a contact list:
  • by contact lists
  • by fields in the Contact Lists
  • by segments in the Contact Lists


Refined segmentation with crossed filters and search logic to send your communications aiming at an objective based on demographic criteria, behaviour, location or any requirement of your business strategy.

Linking tables

Create relations between tables through a simple and intuitive field mapping tool.