Create or Import a Basic Contact List

  1. From the Home, enter the Contact Manager application

2. Click on New Contact List

3. In the next screen you get a basic Contact List configuration. Name your Contact List and click on Create.

You can add

4. Click on import to import. You can also add the data manually clicking on new record.

5. Click on upload and then on browse to upload a CSV or an Excel file from your computer.

6. Click on the blue import button

7. Then you get a window where you have to match the columns in your uploaded list to your contact list. In the "Separated by" dropdown menu select the kind of punctuation used to separate the fields in the file you uploaded. Comma is the most common separator.

8. Then you get a similar window with the columns already separated and sorted. At this point, DANAconnect automatically maps the columns in your uploaded file with the columns in your Contact List.

In some cases the names don't match, so you have to make the mapping manually by selecting the name of the column in the dropdown menu.

9. Click on the "Done" button when you are finished mapping the columns.

10. You get a confirmation message saying the file was uploaded. Click on ok.

11. Your Contact list is ready to start sending messages.