Personalize your messages - Add dynamic content with labels

Add tags to your messages that extract personalized content from your contact data

Labels are tags that, inserted into the content of the message, represent an existing field within the Contact list (Database). They are replaced in the final message with specific information for each contact, to personalize the message.

Labels can be added in the same way for Emails and text messages (SMS). The format for the dynamic content tags are like this: $s{tagname}

  1. From the conversation Manager, enter the conversation you want to edit and double click on an email or SMS node to add the dynamic content.

2. Click on Insert Label, add a new label and assign a Label name for it.

If you already selected a Contact list (Database) to use with this conversation you can add a label from the Database Labels list

The label name could be any word that references the field in the Contact list, and doesn't have to be exactly the field name, but be sure you put a name that is mnemonic enough and helpful to remember it. The label name can not have blank spaces, but you can use the underscore to make them more readable.

3. Select the type of the corresponding field in the Contact List (Database). If you are not sure about this, leave it Alphanumeric. Click on add.

4. After clicking Add, a label is inserted into your text, which in the final message is changed by DANAConnect, with the corresponding information from the database.

You can also add labels to the subject to personalize the message even more.