Key Creation (SSH Key)
Create a set of keys (SSH Key) for connection to the SFTP digital document repository
The following commands allow you to create a set of keys (SSH Key) for connection to the SFTP digital document repository and thus enable the safe upload or download of files.
The following steps are valid for the main operating system platforms:
  • Linux (In its different versions CentOs, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
  • MacOS
Steps to execute:

From Linux / MacOs:

1. Access the command line (CLI) from the Terminal application
2. Once the command line is enabled (CLI), the following command is executed:
ssh-keygen -t rsa
Once this command is executed, a series of information will be displayed. Basically, we must record the path from which the generated files are stored. For this process, two files are generated within a hidden directory (.ssh) within each user's folder.
The generated files would be the following:
  1. 1.
    id_rsa (Private key file - Not to be shared)
  2. 2. (Public key file - It is the one that you must share with your DANAConnect Account Manager)
During the file generation process, the system may ask you to create a password or passphrase for the key files, this step can be skipped.
3-. Once the files have been generated, you can proceed to copy and send the Public key file ( to your DANAConnect Account Manager, to complete the process of creating and validating the connection to the DANAConnect SFTP document repository.
The keys are non-transferable and must be generated directly from the computer (PC, laptop or server) that will make the connection to the DANAConnect document repository.
Likewise, these accesses can be revoked at the request of the client, in case of change or loss of the original equipment from which the set of keys (SSH Key) was generated.

Creation of Keys (SSH Key) for Windows

You can generate an SSH key in Windows using the PuTTYgen application.
Acces the PuTTYgen application for free:
Then follow the next steps:
1. Download and run the puttygen.exe generator. PuTTY Key Generator
2. In the "Key" section, choose the SSH-2 RSA Key type key and click on Generate.
3. Move the mouse randomly on the small window to generate a pair of keys.
4. Select the text of the public key shown in the Key window, copy it and paste it into a TXT file.
5. Click on “Save public key” to save your public key.
6. Click on “Save private key” to save your private key and say yes to save the key without a password key to protect it.
7.Send the public key to your DANAConnect Account Manager. Only the TXT file where the public key was copied.
8. Once the DANAConnect team has performed the validation, you can proceed to connect to the SFTP.