Contact files

Through an intuitive and friendly interface, DANAConnect offers you the possibility of carrying out the bulk contact upload process using the platform's Inbound module Listeners.

To configure a Contact File upload receiver you must enter the Inbound Manager

Create a new receiver by clicking New Listener

Select the Contacts File option

Assign a name that identifies your Listener and click Create

Then you need to configure the automatic contact upload process by clicking Configure Bulk Upload

On the next screen you will be able to complete the rest of the information for processing your data automatically

Separator: character used to separate values ​​within the file

Strict - Select true if you want the insert to take place despite some records failing. Select the false option if you want to abort the upload in case any record fails.

Encoding Type: select the type of encoding of the file to import.

Folder: there you will see the name and path of the folder that was created automatically in your SFTP. This field cannot be deleted or modified.

Delimiter: here you can select which character is used to identify where a value begins and where it ends.

Include Headers: Select true if the first record in the file corresponds to the column names. Otherwise select false.

Operation Type: select UPDINS: to insert new records and update existing ones. INSALL: to insert all records. UPDALL: if you want to update all records. INSNEW: in case you want to insert only the new records.

All operation types are based on the value defined as keyField to determine which ones are new and which ones already exist.

The next step is select the contact list where you want to store the records, by clicking on Select Contact List and Key Field in the main screen

When selecting the contact list, you must make the equivalence between the fields in the file and those in your contact list.

Remember to keep the position of the fields in the correct order

All records update or insertion are based on the value defined as Key Field to determine which are new and which already exist. In order to do that click Set Up Key Field

Then, select which will be the key field, and make the equivalence with the field of your file, at the end select back

In case you want to trigger a conversation when a record of the contact list is inserted, you must select the conversation id after the tag matching of your contact list.

To trigger the start of a conversation from the contact list upload such conversation must be activated in webservice mode, and associated to the contact list in which the data from this contact file listener.

Click on "Resume" to activate the contact file listener

The contact file listener must be active to receive files uploads

After you click on "Resume" the listener is active and the Paused orange icon turns to a green Active icon.