Developing now:

Ewallet passes for distributing in Apple and Android devices
Ai image recognition for uploaded documents
Whatsapp for Business node in workflows
Digital Signature for documents
Contact index by key fields API
Bulk document registration
Validate Mailbox: application that takes advantage of artificial intelligence to discover invalid addresses from email lists to improve deliverability.
Validate Mailbox API: Online validation service that returns a message in real time when end user inputs email addresses.

Testing now:

API Tools: Code QR generation and text to speech features
API Email address validation: is an online service that uses AI to detect Invalid, disposable, spam trap, abusive and other harmful email addresses before are added to your contact list.

Already Released:

[oct 2020] Electronic signature and Document certification - Comprehensive solution integrated with DANAConnect's Document Manager to add an electronic signature, create a PDF document certificate that can be validated through a web interface with a QR code and distribute the electronically signed PDF through SMS, e-mail, chat and other digital channels.
[oct 2020] Digital Signature Capabilities in forms and Signed document download - Comprehensive solution integrated with DANAConnect's web forms to capture client's signatures, create a PDF from a template and compile the document and the signature inside a downloadable document.
[oct 2020] Pass parameters to a form from a Contact List for data preload This functionality allows the forms to already have data preloaded, extracted from the same record in the database (contact list).
[oct 2020] Compare two text fields on a webform - Input text field comparison functionality to validate if the value entered by the end user corresponds to the default value in the comparison field.
[sep 2020] New Start Conversation node in the flow: it allows to configure and start a conversation within a conversation from the flow editor.
[sep 202] Fixed Bug in reports from an Email Conversation where the names of the columns were wrong.
[sep 2020] New Document Manager API : A new online service that allows managing, indexing, consulting, compressing and downloading document files associated with a record in a contact list and to activate a another conversation flow in DANAConnect with this data .
[aug 2020] Inbound Email Reception: it will allow to autogenerate inboxes for receiving email messages to be able to trigger conversations and events.
[aug 2020] Command Start Conversation with Data via SMTP is an SMTP service that allows you to start a conversation from an email by sending a command line in the body of the email.
[aug 2020] Conversation Manager > Filters> Flow filter enabled when the email address enters a blacklist
[aug 2020] Conversation Manager > Filters> Flow filter enabled in the case the user marks one of the messages in the conversation flow as spam
[aug 2020] Conversation Manager > Update Node> DB/contact list updating enabled when the email address enters a blacklist
[aug 2020] Conversation Manager > Update Node> DB/contact list updating enabled in the case the user marks one of the messages in the conversation flow as spam
[aug 2020] Conversation Manager > Email Node>Time zone support for dynamically generated hours in email message body

[jul 2020] Email templates editor:

A new flexible, friendly, easy to use, cutting edge editor for your email templates
  • New Drag & Drop editing feature
  • New Templates Catalog to choose with a variety of designs and different use cases:
  • New Create Template feature
  • New Duplicate template feature
  • Improved Edit Template features:
    • Include dynamic tags Improved
    • Include special tags Improved
  • New Create a email template library in Conversation Manager
  • New Create thumbnail when publishing a template

[jul 2020] Brand manager

It allows to add all the brands that your company manages, with their logos, colors, website, footer text, social media and contact information to be used in the dynamic creation of templates from the template editor.

[jun 2020] PUT & DELETE support in API node

Features to support PUT and DELETE methods have been added in the Conversation Manager API node.

[may 2020] Upload documents to the repository from a form

This new functionality allows you to upload document files from forms, store them in the document repository and relate them to records in the contact list.

[apr 2020] Extended search functionality in Document Manager

Now, you can execute open searches from the Document Manager, to search in all fields, both from the portal and from webservices.

[apr 2020] Debug Mode to Conversation Manager

Allows you to view from a conversation the routing of the flows for a specific contact. It is very useful to understand filters, flows and iterative logics.

[may 2020] All existing emojis available for email titles

The number of emojis that can be added to email titles has been increased to cover all the unicode emojis available on the market.


  • Validation from contact lists
  • Validations from communication flows
  • Dynamically generated personalized videos for mass distribution
  • Text-to-Speech for personalized videos
  • Incoming email: Start of conversation with a contact from a received email
  • Landing page: Inclusion of dynamic variables in the content
  • Automated delivery of contact lists
  • QR generator for documents
  • Decision node in workflows
  • Push notifications with Firebase
  • Privacy policy: bulk blocking / unblocking
  • Message Audit: Building Mail Pieces
  • SMTP Relay real-time reports
  • Mobile app for visualizing reports
  • Human task node manager
  • DMARC:
    • Rich DMARC data
    • Geolocation of attacks
    • Smart alerts
    • Automatic subdomain detection
    • Attack simulation
    • Look-a-Like domains
    • IP Safelisting
    • DNS timeline
    • API access
  • Add Plug and Play Automation Catalog
  • Improve Web Forms:
    • Add Duplicate web form
    • Add Upload files to document repository from web form
  • Improve Landing Pages:
    • Add Duplicate landing page
    • Add Landing pages templates
  • Improve DMARC email security:
    • Add Forensic messages
    • Add Alerts
  • Deliverability module:
    • Add Alerts
  • Audit module:
    • Space optimization
    • Report improvements