โ€‹๐Ÿ”จ Developing now:

Inbound Email Reception: it will allow to assign inboxes to receive email messages in order to being able to decompose all the elements of the email body, sender, subject, attachments to be able to trigger conversations and events.

Email address validation: to remove Invalid, disposable, spam trap, abusive and other harmful email addresses from your contact list.

๐Ÿงช Testing now:

API Tools: Code QR generation and text to speech features

โ€‹๐Ÿš€ Already Released:

Email templates editor:

A new flexible, friendly, easy to use, cutting edge editor for your email templates

  • New Drag & Drop editing feature

  • New Templates Catalog to choose with a variety of designs and different use cases:

  • New Create Template feature

  • New Duplicate template feature

  • Improved Edit Template features:

    • Include dynamic tags Improved

    • Include special tags Improved

  • New Create a email template library in Conversation Manager

  • New Create thumbnail when publishing a template

Brand manager

It allows to add all the brands that your company manages, with their logos, colors, website, footer text, social media and contact information to be used in the dynamic creation of templates from the template editor.

PUT & DELETE support in API node

Features to support PUT and DELETE methods have been added in the Conversation Manager API node.

Upload documents to the repository from a form

This new functionality allows you to upload document files from forms, store them in the document repository and relate them to records in the contact list.

Extended search functionality in Document Manager

Now, you can execute open searches from the Document Manager, to search in all fields, both from the portal and from webservices.

Debug Mode to Conversation Manager

Allows you to view from a conversation the routing of the flows for a specific contact. It is very useful to understand filters, flows and iterative logics.

All existing emojis available for email titles

The number of emojis that can be added to email titles has been increased to cover all the unicode emojis available on the market.

โ€‹๐Ÿ—‚ Backlog:

  • Add Plug and Play Automation Catalog

  • Improve Web Forms:

    • Add Duplicate web form

    • Add Upload files to document repository from web form

  • Improve Landing Pages:

    • Add Duplicate landing page

    • Add Landing pages templates

  • Improve DMARC email security:

    • Add Forensic messages

    • Add Alerts

  • Deliverability module:

    • Add Alerts

  • Audit module:

    • Space optimization

    • Report improvements

  • Improve Document Manager:

    • Upload document in Document Repository

    • Document bulk upload

    • Search file by customer